(Ingolstadt, Germany)


“Disruptive Nature”

The series “Disruptive Nature” is an attempt to generate a visual error in the urban space, creating an interaction between the current landscape and the landscape of the past interpreted through painting.

The idea born from the artist’s curiosity to visualize natural landscapes before urbanization, aims to generate in viewers a reflection on the passage of time and our responsibility in the decisions that affect the urban and natural context.

These “errors” are painted in negative, simulating the natural image development process generated by sunlight, giving the work an aesthetic that reinforces the idea of timelessness and generating the need to make an effort to be able to see and imagine realities completely different from the one we have in front of us.


Ingolstadt. Germany. 2023.

Curated by: Rafael Gerlach (SatOne)

Photography: Johannes Hauser

Project: Landmarks-Project